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Apostle Bruce C. Lester, Sr., a man anointed by God to preach and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to dying men and women everywhere. 

He was saved at the age of 16 years old,  after yielding and  accepting the call to the ministry God  called Apostle Lester known then as Evangelist Lester to serve faithful under the leadership of the late Pastor Thea F. Jones of the Met Church in Philadelphia for ten years.   Being an obedient servant and son, God began to take Evangelist Lester’s father into another dimension in the body of Christ and God anointed Evangelist Lester to serve and evangelize with his father the late Reverend Henry C. Lester Sr.  Pastor Lester became a very integral part of that ministry and he served and labored in ministry with his father until his demise.

 After traveling from city to city and state to state, preaching and ministering to literally thousands of souls as an Evangelist, it was not long before Evangelist Lester was in great demand.  With twenty years of Evangelizing and serving, God ordered Evangelist Lester to serve as an Elder under the Pastoral leadership of the late Mother Irene A. Oakley where God began to further execute His plan and purpose for him. 

God used Pastor Irene A. Oakley to instruct and prepare Elder Lester for the Pastoralship.  After fifteen years of service and the blessing of his pastor through much prayer and fasting, Elder Lester accepted yet another spiritual challenge to lead Gods people.

Pastor Lester evangelized in the City of Camden for a number of years before God placed a call in his heart to officially pioneer a church in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area where, Voice of Hope Deliverance Church Inc., has been officially located in that area since April, 1991.  Pastor Lester has birthed out of Voice of Hope two Churches which have been established in the City of Camden:  A House of Refuge Deliverance Church, Pastored by his spiritual daughter Linda G. Pratt & Holy Cathedral Church Pastored by his spiritual son, Pastor Joseph N. Roberts.  He is the spiritual covering for New Life Ministries also in the City of Camden, Pastored by Pastor Dana Green and Voice of Praise Worldwide Ministries of Philadelphia, PA and Pastored by Pastor Alice Martin. Pastor Lester has been instrumental in launching and helped in organizing several other Churches in the Tri-state Area. 

For the past 43 years of ministry evangelistically and Pastorally, Pastor Lester has fathered and mentored many Officers in the five-fold ministry and has launched them in successful ministries.  He has apostolically pioneered an evangelistically worked in the City of Philadelphia, at the First District Plaza for the past seven years.  He is known and respected as a man of high integrity, prayer and consecration with a godly conviction for holiness.  After forty-four years of walking with God and being used under an apostolic anointing, never taking a title or credit from God, on  May 2, 2009 in obedience to God Pastor Lester accepted the call of God upon his life publicly before the body of Christ as:  The Apostle of Prayer and Consecration.

Pastor Lester prays that in his latter years that God will get the glory out of his life and ministry.  His theme is:  “If you can use any thing Lord, You can use me.”  Pastor Lester has since helped to establish churches; he has birthed sons and daughters in ministry and 
  is yet building the body of Christ for the glory of God.   Pastor Lester humbly walks, occupies, and operates in the office of an Apostle.  Apostle Lester is an anointed dynamic preacher, administrator and builder, who has been chosen and commissioned by God, a man that leads with integrity, sealed with the Holy Spirit and predestined to succeed.